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Watchdog Inspects Midlands Prison and National Violence Reduction Unit

July 10th, 2024|

Ireland’s statutory prison watchdog, the Office of the Inspectorate of Prisons (OIP), has just completed unannounced general inspections of the Midlands Prison and the National Violence Reduction Unit (NVRU) housed at that prison. The Inspectorate’s two weeks in the prison concluded yesterday, Tuesday 9 July 2024, with a formal meeting at which the Inspectorate [...]

Unannounced Full Inspection of Arbour Hill Prison

March 26th, 2024|

Dublin, 26th March 2024 The Office of the Inspectorate of Prisons (OIP) has just completed a four day unannounced general inspection of Arbour Hill Prison, Dublin. The visit concluded on 25 March 2024 with a meeting with senior management at the prison, at which the Inspectorate’s preliminary findings were shared. This is the seventh [...]

An Evaluation of the Provision of Psychiatric Care within the Irish Prison System

February 20th, 2024|

This inspection was carried out in February and March 2023, by a team including two international experts in forensic psychiatry. The provision of care was assessed in seven of the thirteen prisons in the State, and many of the Inspectorate’s recommendations refer to systemic issues arising across the prison estate. The report presents pragmatic [...]

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